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Advanced Open Water

No diving from the beaches, all boat dives like advanced diving should be!
Advanced Open Water (AOW) Course will take your diving skills and personal abilities in diving to the next level. Explore more specialized forms of diving and develop your skills further during your Adventure Dives. No classroom time and studying is minimal so you can spend more time diving.


Phucket Advanced Open Water

Complete five adventure dives and become an Advanced Open Water Diver! Learn and Experience Deep and Navigation dives, and choose another three exciting Adventure Dives like the highly recommended Peak Performance Buoyancy. The course including all the dives are usually completed over two days.

Usually at least one of your dive days will be the King Cruiser trip, which includes King Cruiser, Koh Doc Mai and Shark Pointand the other day will be Racha Yai, completing the five dives. If limited on time, theAdventure diver certification can be conducted in 1 day.

Choose from a variety of dives including: Deep – Navigation – Nitrox – Photography – Wreck – Multilevel – Peak Performance Buoyancy – Naturalist – Boat – Search And Recovery and more. A very common option is to combine your Advanced Open Water course with PADI’s most popular Specialty Course – Enriched Air Nitrox.

This way you save time and money and come away with two of the most sought after certifications.

What to expect

  • Learn the advanced way to nagivate underwater (first line)
  • Dive Deeper
  • Perfect your Buoyancy
  • Dive at Night!
  • Go with the flow in the drift dive.
  • Explore Wrecks or learn to dive from a boat properly.

What you can do

  • With your Advanced Open Water certification, you will be able to dive with a buddy to a maximum depth of 40m, and go for leisure dive trips.
  • The next step is the PADI Rescue Diver Course or other Specialty Courses.

    Course Prerequisite

    • You need to be a Certified PADI Open Water Diver
    • Anyone with regular health and fitness

    Get Started

    This is mostly self-study. You can do it anywhere at your own pace including home or the beach!

    What to Prepare?

    Please read your PADI Adventures Manual and do the knowledge reviews after each chapter if possible. You must complete the following chapters though;

    • Underwater Navigation
    • Deep Diving
    • Peak Performance Buoyancy
    • Drift Diving
    • Boat Diving
    • Wreck Diving

    Time to get wet and dive in the open sea for the 5 adventure dives with your instructor!


    • 2 adventure dives at Racha Yai
    • 3 dives at PhiPhi / King Cruiser

    What to Prepare?

    Pack your personal things for whole trip, your passport and local currency.

    Be an Advanced Open Water Diver Today

    Bhat 12,900


    • 5 Open Water Scuba Dives
    • Land Transportation, breakfast, lunch and refreshments
    • Instructor Fees
    • Basic Equipment Rental include Soft Gear rental
    • PADI Certification fees and card


    • Travel Insurance
    • Air Fare (If Any)


    Day 1 Pick up from hotel to Chalong Pier, departure to Racha Yai 2 dives
    Day 2 Pick up from hotel to Chalong Pier, departure to Phi Phi/King Cruiser 3 dives

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    How to Sign Up

    1. Email us and pick dive dates and dive schedule
    2. Click Here to register Onediver Account
    3. We will send confirm email and collect deposit payment
    4. Pick up your manual so you can start learning about Advance Open Water Diver

    Whats next?

    Has something caught your interest while doing the Advance Open Water Diver? Then get ahead by becoming a Specialty Diver which can provide you with more entertainment and diving skills regarding the activities that caught your eye.

    Although once you’ve decided not to continue, we can also offer you places where you can still dive to your hearts content without any lesson being required and you can find it in Phuket Leisure Dive Trips