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Emergency First Response

Knowing what to do in a medical emergency!
The Emergency First Response (EFR) course teaches you the basic skills required to help in an emergency be it at work, home or when you are out and about.


Phuket Emergency First Response

Accidents are quite unpredictable which is why it’s best to have even just a little bit of knowledge as to how one should react once such occurrences actually happen in the future. Being calm in such situation may be good in order to fully think but it’s far much better if one can both be calm and have a knowledge as to how to act to accordingly.

In this course, you’ll be given the chance to gain knowledge as to what procedure should you be doing in case of emergencies such as the following:

Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) teaches you the steps and techniques for handling life-threatening emergencies.

Emergency First Response Secondary Care (First Aid) teaches you to assist injured or ill patients by offering first aid and support while waiting for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel.

The EFR course is a 1 day course consisting of theory skill development and scenario practice. EFR course is one of the requirements for starting your Rescue Diver Course.

What to expect

  • Learn how to conduct Basic Life Support CPR and rescue breathing at the layperson level
  • Learn how to use an Automated External Defibrillator
  • Learn how to prevent injuries and how to care for the victim
  • Learn how to manage spinal injuries
  • Reduce the risk of disease transmission with the use of barriers
  • Learn how to apply basic first aid

What you can do

  • With your emergency First Response Certification, you will be able to perform CPR and provide first aid.
  • Also, you will benefit others in the workplace, home and on dive trips
  • The next step is the PADI Rescue Diver Course or other Specialties.

Course Prerequisite

  • No minimum age limit, no diving certification required.
  • Have the desire to care for other people
  • Be willing to assist others in a medical emergency

Get Started Today!

This is self-study. You can do it anywhere at your own pace including home or the beach!

What to Prepare?

Please read your EFR Manual and do the knowledge reviews after each chapter. Also, it is recommended that you get a pocket mask.

Time to practice CPR and First Aid, we will also be watching a video.

What to Prepare?

Please bring your EFR Manual and completed knowledge reviews.

Be an EFR Diver Today


  • Course material – EFR manual.
  • 1 Theory class
  • PADI certification


  • Soft Gear Rental
  • Travel Insurance
  • Air Fare (If Any)


8:00am Pick up form hotel to Andaman Ocean Safaris (AOS) Class room, start Knowleage review and Skill practice

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How to Sign Up

  1. Email us and pick dive dates and dive schedule
  2. Click Here to register Onediver Account
  3. We will send confirm email and collect deposit payment
  4. Pick up your manual so you can start learning about Emergency First Response Diver

Whats next?

So you are already an Emergency First Response diver? Get ahead and take the challenge to become a Rescue Diver or try out our PADI Specialty Courses:

  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Oxygen Provider
  • Equipment Specialist

Or alternatively, we try out your new skills with us on our Phuket leisure dive trips.