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King Cruiser Wreck

King Cruiser, a Japanese car ferry, struck a submerged reef, known to local divers as Anemone Reef, on the 4th of May 1997, splitting the reef in two. There were a large number of passengers but all were rescued by the local dive boats, fishermen and Thai Navy.

King Cruiser

"A historical Japanese car ferry, struck a submerged reef."

The King Cruiser wreck is an old car ferry used for ferrying tourists back and forth from Phi Phi and Phuket, it is 85m long and has a width of 25m and is laying up right on its twin hulls on the sand at 32m. The wreck has deteriorated a lot over the years but the time spent down there has attracted a lot of marine life. You can dive this wreck at open water or advanced open water levels.

Conditions can vary on the wreck from one day to the next from 25m visibility and no current to strong current and low vis as this site is open to mild to strong currents and varied visibility most of the year round, even so no matter what the conditions an amazing dive for an abundance in marine life.


  • Sea or land transfers
  • Accomodation, if any
  • All meals


  • Air transportation, if any
  • Travel Insurance
  • Basic Equipment Rental
  • Course fee or instructors fee

Experience Diving in King Cruiser

What you can see in King Cruiser


King Cruiser Wreck

Best Time to Dive at King Cruiser

The King Cruiser Ship is open all year round due to its season being tropical. Wanting to visit the wreck ship, it’s recommended that from November to April is a great choice to make a reservation since it’s dry season which mean the current is calmer and easier to dive at because from April to October the current of the water would be a turbulent making it hard for divers to dive around the ship.

Reminders: Better avoid reserving a trip on peak days since people shall crowd around the ship, this may because marine life to be disturb which is dangerous.

Getting There

Upon Arrive from Phuket International  Airport, you’ll have the opportunity to travel via by bus or taxi in order to travel to Ao Chalong wherein you’ll be riding a boat towards the location of the King Cruise Ship wherein it shall be a 90 minute ride.

Airport > Bus/Taxi > Ao Chalong >  Boat > King Cruise Ship

Available Courses

Best Diving Season November to April
Weather Tropical
Water Temperature 27°C – 30°C
Marine Animal Highlights Bearded  scorpion fish, giant moray eels, schools of snappers
Water Visibility 2m – 25m
Transportation Bus/Car, SpeedBoat, Yachts, Liveaboard

Experience Diving in King Cruiser Trip

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