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Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Island is commonly known to be Thailand’s Celebrity Island since it’s the location site for the movie THE BEACH, a British-American Film, back on the year 2000. Not only is it known to be a location site but it’s also considered to be one of the beautiful places in the world.

Phi Phi Islands

“Phi Phi Island is considered to be one of the beautiful places in the world”

Relaxation, tranquility and mesmerizing views are being offered in Phi Phi Island and not only the place makes you feel comfortable but also the people’s attitude towards tourist are exceptional.

Diving sites in Phi Phi Island is truly a beauty to behold as the surrounding corals become like gems that gives life to it’s surrounding area where little creatures from the sea love to swim around and caverns that awaits to be explored.

Phi Phi Islands offer a lot of diving sites to visit such as the Maya Wall, west of the island, the Loh Samah Bay, south of the island, and Hin Dot, that is just right outside of the island’s harbour area.

Convenient and full of adventure is what Phi Phi Islands offers. Take the time and give it a thought, it is a chance to be grabbed.


  • Sea or land transfers
  • Accomodation, if any
  • All meals


  • Air transportation, if any
  • Travel Insurance
  • Basic Equipment Rental
  • Course fee or instructors fee

Experience Diving in Phi Phi Islands

What you can see in Phi Phi Islands


Pharaoh Cuttlefish


Leopard Shark


Phi Phi Islands

Best Time to Dive at Phi Phi Island

Warm, Calm and clear sea from February to May would be the best season to take a Dive at Phi Phi Island in order to have the best vacation. You can take your leisure time to sightsee and explore the underwater world.

Getting There

Phi phi Islands is the home of lots of diving spots for corals and shark sightings and in order to arrive there you’ll need to find a boat ride at Ao Chalong but before you can get there you’ll need to arrive at Phuket International Airport and find a ride whether by bus or Taxi.

Airport > Bus/Taxi > Ao Chalong >  Boat > Phi Phi Island

Available Courses

Best Diving Season February to May
Weather Tropical
Water Temperature 27°C  – 30°C
Marine Animal Highlights Pharaoh Cuttlefish And Leopard Shark
Water Visibility 5 meters to 20 metres
Transportation Bus/Car, SpeedBoat, Yachts, Liveaboard

Experience Diving in Phi Phi Islands

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